The Weekly Digs #106

by Becky

Pigs and Cows

Cameron has been working fervently to finish the pastured pig fencing. He said to me that the pigs have been in that small makeshift pen too long and it is true. They are no longer rooting around because they’ve dug it all up!

Our goal has always been to move them around often so that they can fully express their natural behavior. Moving them around also cuts the feed costs a bit. 

Hopefully within this week we will finish the fencing and get them on fresh ground.

The cows have been doing better at staying in their fencing. We discovered that it wasn’t the electric fencing they were hopping over but that there are many weak points in our barbed wire fence along the perimeter of our property. 

The cows are quite skilled at finding where all the weak points are. Cam and our kids are slowly but surely getting it all secure and fenced properly.

In the Garden

April 1 2021 Garden

I made myself a list of all the things that needed to be done in the garden last week. It picked one or two tasks to work on each day. I got so much more done because of this method and felt less overwhelmed. Here is what I did:

  • I was able to get all 33 of the bare root blueberries planted with the kids’ help!
  • We also planted 100 asparagus plants.
  • I got my peas and strawberries covered with wood chip mulch. 
  • Plowed a 100×10 foot area for garden expansion. (It will be 100x100ft addition but for now, I’m biting off a little at a time.)
Asparagus Planting

I also got some new seedlings started! The compost we got for a great price in the bags ended up working terribly in my seed starting mix. I think it was the cause of my onions not germinating well. It was affecting some seeds more than others.

Come to find out, I check out the compost bag and it says, “Do not use for seed starting.” Oops! Consequently, I checked around for other compost options to make some new seed mix.

I ended up getting some compost at a local nursery that is made from food waste. I can tell from the texture, look, and smell that it is going to be good! Cam and I made some more homemade seed mix and I started seeding my tomatoes.

  • Sowed Indoor Tomatoes-  Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Amish Paste, San Marzano, Sunrise Bumblebee, Egg yolk, Roma, Blue Beech, Kellogg’s Breakfast, Tommy Toe, and Black Cherry.
A harvest from this week- winter spinach, green onions, and Red Russian Kale.

House Progress

I wrote a whole big long story about some things happening with the house build and then erased it all. It was good therapy to write it all out but in the end, I decided it wasn’t good to have it out there for the world to read. We have had some frustration with the house build in the last few weeks but hopefully it will be resolved soon. It feels better to keep things positive on here. 🙂

Progress is happening though and I will share some pictures next week.

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