The Weekly Digs #117

by Becky

And then there were 8!

About a week ago we noticed one of our cow’s, Nellie, was looking very pregnant all of the sudden. We are learning to better spot the signs of a pregnant cow. Cameron went out a few days later and said she had “dropped”. 

I don’t even know if that is the right term for a cow but the next day she had her baby! We are more certain it’s a boy this time 🙂 

The next day the calf was gone in the morning and afternoon. Cam said he had checked early and didn’t see him and I checked later and still didn’t see him. 

It was 95 degrees out in the afternoon and I was starting to get worried. I was thinking maybe it got lost or attacked by coyotes in the night.

I searched in the woods just outside the electric fencing (baby is small enough to fit under). No sign of him. I walked through the field and along the perimeter. Nothing.

I stood really still and quiet a long time to see if I could hear him calling but I didn’t hear a sound. 

The weird part is even the Mama cow seemed completely unconcerned. I said a prayer and then kept searching. Still didn’t see him so I took some time to search Google to see if this was normal. 

According to some forums I found, it’s completely normal for a Mom to hide her baby and have them stay put for a while. And they also said if the Mom was calm, the baby was probably fine. 

So with that, I felt ok enough to work in the garden for a while. I did a few things, then I started to feel worried again (that’s the unfortunate anxiety kicking in) and sick to my stomach thinking about him being lost. 

I went back over there, said what I’m sure must have been my 10th prayer and decided to do one more search. I walked the perimeter and there, on the far corner away from Nellie (the Mom), outside the fence and well hidden in the brush was the calf. 

It was such a huge relief! I walked over and started to pet the calf and surprisingly he stayed still for a little while. He finally jumped up and started walking across the field. 

When he laid down in the sun, I walked behind and he hopped up again and ran all the way to his Mom. It was a good little reunion and the calf was very thirsty! 

I’m sure Nellie would have walked over and gotten him eventually even if I hadn’t…but finding him put my mind at ease. I thought for sure I was going to have to learn to milk a cow that very day because there was no calf around and I didn’t want her to get mastitis. I’m thankful for that answered prayer and that it all worked out!

In the Garden

I got what I wished for and we finally have some nice dry weather! It is, however, very hot. I have been roasting in the garden even though I try to be outside by 7am.

It has also been a week of heavy labor because I am setting up a few more new garden rows. I had to use the plow, then mark off rows, then pick out stubborn bermuda grass, rake everything down, pick out rocks, then broadfork.

I finally got two rows finished and in one I planted sweet potatoes (that really should have been planted 3 weeks ago). I will also plant beans there soon. 

Putting shade cloth over the caterpillar tunnel. Once it gets over 85 degrees outside, it is too hot in the tunnel. The shade cloth helps bring the temperature down.

The only negative with the garden is I feel like there is a massive list of to-do’s and I’m always behind (especially with the weeds). I do this to myself though by setting such huge goals. Maybe one day I’ll learn to take it easy.

On another note, we have been doing a lot of harvesting! I love it when I can meal plan around what I have in the garden. 

Harvested this week:

  • Celery
  • Lettuce
  • Cabbage
  • Kale
  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Snap Peas
  • Green Onions
  • Cilantro
  • Strawberries

We also went blueberry picking this week and got 4 gallons. It’s not enough for a year’s supply by any means but it’s a start. They taste a million times better than the frozen ones at the store. 


  • Froze 3 Gallons of blueberries
  • Dehydrated half a quart of celery
  • Make celery salt from the celery leaves

House Progress

The inspector came out this week and pointed out quite a few things that needed to be fixed before the official certificate of occupancy. They are almost all done, the only thing that is not done still is the cold room which needs to be completely finish before approval. Cam is working on that today.

At this point we are half moved in and sleeping/ living here “illegally”, I guess. He didn’t say to move out when he inspected though, so that was nice. There was nothing major that was unsafe so I guess he figured we would be ok. He will come again Monday to check again. I hope we pass this time!

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