The Weekly Digs #132

by Becky

On Monday our little piggies went off to the butcher. It was a sad day! They definitely weren’t so little anymore when they left. The hanging weight for the pigs was 262, 216, and 194lbs. They were right on target weight wise to what we were going for. 

The butcher said we had some amazing pork. He said could tell they were raised well and a good breed mix. That was pretty cool to hear since this was our first year raising pigs. It was all Cameron’s doing though of course. 

It really does make a difference though how a pig is raised. Cameron took out a pork chop and it looked as dark as a beef steak! It makes you wonder what on earth they do to the pigs you buy from the supermarket. The meat from the grocery store just isn’t the same. 

Our first portion of pork was ready on Friday and we picked it up. My sister and her family bought one pig worth of meat and we kept the other two. 

I haven’t tried it yet. But I can’t wait! I hope it’s as good as it looks.

Garden Progress

In the garden this week, the cover crop I planted is growing fast. We’ve been getting a lot of rain and cooler temperatures. It’s been great! 

The new crops under the tulle (makeshift insect netting) look good too. I took off the cover this week to weed underneath and thin out the plants. Then replaced the cover as soon as possible. There are still a LOT of bugs around.

Elsewhere in the garden, there isn’t a ton happening. With the rain, I’ve done weeding everyday because it’s easier to weed with moist ground. I really want to get every open garden bed planted with cover crops to improve the soil for next year. 


This week I dried lots of peppers. It was a two day process because I decided to dry them whole. I dried Korean Chili Peppers and Poblano Peppers.

I also made 7 quarts of vegetable stock. 

Turkeys are getting big. Just in time for Thanksgiving 🙂

House Projects

During this slowdown in the garden and preserving, and now that he has some time freed up because he isn’t feeding the pigs everyday, Cameron is tackling some house projects.

We have sooo many house and homestead projects! But this weekend Cam tackled making a few more wooden crates for me because I really needed some for my potatoes. 

He is also glueing up some walnut to make a butcher block countertop for our pantry. 

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