The Weekly Digs #15

by Becky Porter
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 Harvest May 14 Harvest May 14

It feels like this week has gone by so fast. The heat is finally here, with a few 85 degree days.

The bad news is that my daikon radishes have gone straight to seed along with one of my napa cabbages. I’ve never had my napa cabbages go to seed but it’s definitely happened with the daikon radishes before. I think both of them are more suited to be fall crops and I’m going to try them again in fall.

I’ll be waiting another week or so before I harvest both for kimchi. I think I will have just enough for a one gallon batch. That will get us through the summer until I can grown them again in the fall. Another bonus is I will have fresh ginger which is so amazing in kimchi.

Oh and I found an army worm on my cabbages too!

In the garden:

  • I transplanted watermelon. It was Janosik variety. Direct seeded some Royal Golden Watermelon.

  • Transplanted the butternut squash and direct seeded some more.

  • Transplanted more of the basil. Last year I interplanted some of it with the asparagus and did awesome. I’m trying that again this year. Along with some next my tomatoes.

Indoor Seed Starting:

  • My sweet potato slips moved to dirt and I’m working on hardening them off.

In the Kitchen:

  • Finished my first batch of strawberry jam (8 half pints). We go through a lot of jam each year and it looks like I’m going to have to go back to the strawberry you pick farm another time.

    I asked the kids what their favorite was so I could plan for more of that kind and they said lemony strawberry. This is a recipe from Food in Jars- Naturally Sweet Book (Linked Below). I use Pomona’s Pectin for all my Jam recipes now. I love that I can have more fruit in the Jam and less sugar. The lack of sugar messes with the texture of the jam (it’s more of a soft set) but the flavor is so much more fruity and rich.

I post a lot of what we are eating on Instagram but for those who aren’t on there I’m going to post some of the meals we make on my weekly digs.


Asparagus, green onion, prosciutto, and kale frittata. On the bottom I did a crunchy buckwheat crust. I made up this recipe and it actually turned out really good! I’ll have to try again and write down what I did so I can put it in my Recipe Box.

We used up the last of our spinach to make a spinach pasta. It was very time consuming to make but the result was crazy delicious. I made a kale and basil pesto to mix into the noodle. Then added a few pieces of chopped smoked chicken (leftover from the meal Cameron made me for Mother’s Day), and topped it with my favorite cheese, parmigiano reggiano.

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