The Weekly Digs #158

by Becky

We had family visiting us this week. As they visited, they helped us out with a couple of projects. The main one that I was so excited to get done is that we expanded our garden fencing. 

The garden fence around our first garden was 130ft x 120ft. We are doubling the garden space by going from 10,000 square feet of growing space to 20,000 square feet. So the fencing will be about double in size. 130ft x 230ft.

Here’s where the fencing use to run. We took off the back end to extend the garden further to the east.

For this year, with the kids now wanting to have their own garden spaces over in the new garden, I wanted to make sure we got it done so that wild and even our domesticated animals didn’t come and eat it all. Cam had the week off of work and with family willing to help, I said let’s get that done! 

It took three days but they finished! All except for the door. I’ll do a seperate blog post with more of the details of how the fencing was done. It’s pretty simple but very effective at keeping out animals. 

Other news in the garden:

#1 Peas are coming up!

#2 The kids wanted to get some plants started for their gardens. They planted in soil blocks some tomatoes (sunrise bumblebee, brandywine, black cherry, kelloggs breakfast) , cucumbers (beit alpha), marigolds (brocade mix), and arugula (common). 

#3 Asparagus is also popping up! We are in year two. I’ve read you can either leave them alone another year to build a stronger root system, or you can harvest for about one week and then let them go. I haven’t really decided what we’ll do. I think I’d like to try at least one or two though!

#4 My sister in law, my kids, and their cousins all helped to plant potatoes! It got done super fast because of so many helpers. I still need to give them a layer of compost on top and some mulch for the aisles. We planted Kennebec variety, all left over from last year’s harvest. 

Potato beds

#5 We had another night of hard frost. The weather forecasters said it will be 32ºF as a low and we got down to 24ºF according to my garden thermometer. It’s a tiny bit frustrating because I should have taken in my cosmo flowers but they froze in their soil blocks.

The good news is that I did  take in my pepper starts and covered my new asparagus with a double layer of row cover. Thankfully, it was just flowers that we lost and they are easily restarted. 

All my other seedlings did great! 


Our mama turkey’s poults are hatching! We saw three in her nesting box today but when I went to get a picture she had them all hiding under her. Hopefully I can get a picture by next week.

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Joanna Kowalewski April 11, 2022 - 12:06 am

Love it all!! Thank you ❤️

Michelle Forry April 11, 2022 - 12:14 am

Love this! I am also frustrated with our weather here in Pa. My potatoes are in , onions and garlic but that’s it. We have had so much rain. I’m flying to California Tuesday to bring our granddaughter home for 2 weeks hoping we can get the whole garden planted when we get back here Wednesday. Thank you for sharing

Katie C. April 11, 2022 - 1:18 pm

Wow, that was a lot of work! How high is your fence? We have a problem around here with deer. It’s incredible how high they can jump.

This weather has been driving everyone crazy with the yo-yo-ing. Last night, it went down to 32F. The next three days we are going to have a mini-heatwave with a high of 80F on Wednesday! After that, things will go back to normal whatever that is for northern Virginia. I think our last day for a freeze around here is Mother’s Day.

My sugar snap peas are coming up too 😋 yum!

With food prices going up so much, we are trying to plant and preserve more. Our new trial this year is tomatillos. I want to try to can some enchilada sauce. Currently, we don’t have enough room in the basement where we have our seedlings to start more. We’ll look into that next year because right now we are redoing the hall half bathroom. The whole house is a mess!

PamR April 15, 2022 - 7:25 pm

Putting up good fences was what I did first also, when making new gardens. I sure like reading about the kids’ gardens! It will be fascinating reading about how they are doing all season.

Having help for the big jobs makes all the difference!


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