The Weekly Digs #26

by Becky
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Last Friday night was a hard one for us. It was the appointed slaughtering day we chose for our three roosters. We knew when we hatched out chicks it was likely we would have roosters. Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to have roosters where we live so the plan was to butcher them. If I had a choice, we would have kept our favorite rooster. 

Two weeks ago the crowing from the roosters began which meant it was time for them to go. As they practiced they got louder and louder! I didn’t want to lose all my chickens because technically I’m not allowed to have hens either (they are easy to hide and my neighbors don’t mind them). So it was time to butcher them. 

I told the kids and they were not happy. This group of chicks has become very beloved by my kids. They have played with them everyday this summer for hours at a time. 

The one who took it hardest was our seven year old, Dax. His favorite rooster was named Jeremy. I thought maybe we could keep Jeremy since he hadn’t started to crow yet. But just that week he started, perhaps inspired by the other two 🙂

Friday night, Kian prayed at dinner that the chickens would have fun in heaven. And then the time came to butcher them. Dax did not do well. He stood far away, holding Jeremy as we did the other roosters. Tears were flowing down his cheeks. Cameron went over to console him and cried with him. He sent Dax away so that we could finish the job. 

The chickens died very peacefully which was a blessing. The boys all helped de-feather the chickens and by then Dax was feeling better and we were able to finish together as a family.

Doing the butchering ourselves has really helped our family to reverence and respect the lives of the animals that are given so that we can have that nourishment. We aren’t big meat eaters, especially in the summer when the garden is producing. But in winter, we are grateful for the meat and today we are especially grateful for Jeremy, Alpha, and Feathers, our roosters. 

In the garden:

  • Harvesting corn, tomatoes, peppers, green beans, cucumbers, summer squash, and butternut squash.

  • Clearing beds to prep for fall planting. I’m taking out the rest of my corn since I harvested almost all of it. Carrots will replace the corn this week.

  • I pruned back some of my butternut squash because it was going into my aisle too much and I was trying to grow it up a trellis. Unfortunately a few days later I realized I clipped a vine that connected to what was growing up the trellis. Eek! I harvested all that I could but that vine is done for. Luckily I have many plants so I’m pretty sure we’ll get more.

 Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash

In the kitchen:

  • I’m almost losing track at this point of counting jars! Trying my best to keep up with it. I know I’m very close to surpassing last years total because I’m almost out of jars.

  • Canned 5 quart jars chicken broth (thank you roosters)

  • Canned 18 pint jars whole tomatoes

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