The Weekly Digs #50

by Becky

I’m going to talk about house hunting stuff first since it’s constantly on my mind lately. We looked at a whole new property today to compare it against the one we looked at last week.

Cameron was really excited about this one from the listing. Me, well I didn’t have the same excitement but the land did look good in the pictures. 

We had seen on the listing that the property sat on forty acres. As we pulled in, we looked around the outside as we waited for our realtor to come since he was running a little late. 

The outside was really nice. There was a HUGE pond, a huge flat pasture area, and some trees intermixed with it all. It even had an outdoor cooler building  to hang meat to cure after hunting. This is probably the coolest part of the property. 

The inside left a lot to be desired and the owners were there so it was hard to really get a good look at everything. It was a very sweet older couple but the lady hovered around and chatted which there is totally nothing wrong with normally. However, when I am looking at a house I really want personal space to look. 

There was also another home on the property which was the owners son’s home and it wasn’t listed as part of the sale. It was a strange set up because the additional home didn’t have it’s own land with it so I wasn’t quite sure how that was going to work out. 

We left and I finally got to tell Cameron all my thoughts about the place and he told me some of his. I told Cam I really didn’t like it that much. And Cam was sort of shocked because he loved the pond and didn’t think the house was bad at all.

Funny how that happens right?! We had two very different opinions. Usually, we are pretty aligned in opinion but on this property we were split. After I went through my list of whys- too far away from friends, across from a wedding reception center, house felt really small, house needed a ton of work, and more- he finally agreed that I had some very valid points 😉

I also think that you can usually sense if a property is going to work for you or not and the more I looked around the more I was sure it wasn’t the right place.

Ok enough about house stuff! In the garden we are still harvesting a lot of food.

Harvest this week: Turnips, carrots, kale, collards, asian greens, and broccoli! 

It’s almost time to get started with my onion seeds! I hope to get my soil mix done over this holiday weekend and get the seeds going. That thought seems so crazy to me because I feel like I never stopped gardening for winter. And I really didn’t this year! It slows down but never stops and I’m ok with that because it helps my mood. 

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