The Weekly Digs #64

by Becky
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It’s crunch time. We are in the throws of finishing getting the whole garden planted at our current house. I’m about halfway done with planting my garden. 

The kids each have their own 4×4 foot garden this year. They planted their garden with excitement. And then replanted their garden. And then planted some more.

My kids are each convinced they can fit 4 tomatoes, 2 tomatillos, 2 peppers, carrots, kale, 6 sunflowers, and lettuce in a 4×4 foot garden bed. And that’s after I reined them in by saying no cucumbers, watermelon, or corn.

They started out with just a few plants and then slowly added more and more everytime I wasn’t looking. 🙂 

I am so incredibly grateful I can now tell them, “You can have a bigger garden on the land.” Some of them are showing real genuine interest in gardening and really wanting to have full responsibility over what they are growing. Of course, I am in complete support of their desires!

Potatoes that need to be hilled up and I really need to get out and weed some more.

This time of year is super crazy because not only is it time to get the garden in the ground quickly, it’s the time of year when the weeds are really popping up! One day the weeds are babies and the next, there is a green carpet of weeds. 

I am getting a good workout each day hoeing the garden. No need for a gym! 

Tomato Soil Blocks

We are also pushing hard to get down mulch on bare areas of the garden. Even though it is a lot of work, mulch is my best friend in the garden. Less weed pressure is a beautiful prospect and one worth the effort.

And if that isn’t enough going on, we are in the middle of making final decisions on our new house plans. All the while, each night we finish up a project like painting or removing dated wallpaper at our current house. We plan on listing in June. Our realtor told us the market was very hot because there are so few listings right now and lots of people ready to buy.

This time of quarantine has been a blessing for us because we can put all our time and effort on things that need to get done without being pulled away for social and other activities we have. And having Cameron work from home has allowed us some extra flexibility with our schedule.

In the garden:

  • Planted homemade pickle and Natsu Fushinari cucumber
  • Planted Black eyed Susans and Cosmos
  • Transplanted some tomatoes and peppers. We are saving the majority to plant on the land. I did Juliets, Sunrise Bumblebee, Blue Beech, Black Cherry, San Marzano, and Roma at our house
  • Planted Goldilocks and Provider bush beans.
  • We are eating lots of salads and asparagus. Green onions are plentiful. I have sorrel, mesclun mix, arugula, and a few types of lettuce that we are loving. I know the lettuce is extra tasty right now because my daughter (5 years old) said she wanted salad for breakfast today! Wahoo!
  • We picked our first two strawberries (image above) this week.
  • Some of my tomato starts spend too much time outside of the garden and caught some kids of disease. I had to throw all thirty away. It was so disappointing.
  • I started new seeds inside for tomatoes and peppers. I’ll set them out in a few weeks.
Garden Overall look
Garden back half- Overall Look. The onions are on the far right they are finally big enough you can seed them in the picture!
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