The Weekly Digs #84

by Becky

The week we had rain every single day! Cam and I have been super worried about our house because they haven’t put on the roof yet. With all the rain our house was filled with water every day and some of the wood boards were looking like they were starting to develop some surface mold. 

Our builder wasn’t a bit worried and said this was all completely normal.The metal roof is taking a bit longer than anticipated to figure out because we were trying to get a decent bid and our builder hasn’t done them often.  But we finally have it figured out now.

It rained nonstop until Thursday and finally things started to dry out. The waterproof underlayment for our metal roof was put on today. 

Cam went up to the land and said the house is drying out well. 

Completely unrelated to the eye incident a few weeks ago, I had an eye appointment on Monday to look into getting PRK surgery (similar to LASIK). Thankfully my eye was all healed and the pre-op appointment went great. They were able to get me scheduled for an appointment to have the surgery on Thursday of this week! 

This was pretty quick but also exciting since I’ve been wanting to have the vision correction surgery for a long time. Working in the dirt and wind for much of the day isn’t conducive to contacts and I’ve always found that glasses get in the way.

After surgery you aren’t allowed to be working in a dirty environment for at least a week. So I went out on Tuesday even when it was rainy to get the last of the garden time I could soak up. I  prepped and planted some hairy vetch seed to cover the garden.

The surgery went well but was pretty painful immediately after. So I slept for most of Thursday afternoon and into the evening. The kids made dinner and were so sweet about serving and taking care of their semi-blind Mom. On Friday I slept a lot too and tried to rest my eyes as much as possible as directed. 

On Friday evening, I was already starting to go a bit stir crazy, so I canned 16 pints of black beans. It was good because it helped me feel like I was still completing a project and being productive.

Today I spent most of the day canning a cajun cowpea soup using the cowpeas from the garden.

I don’t like to can a lot of soups because it pretty much kills most of the nutrition that was once in the food but it is good to have a little bit of convenience food on days when we are busy.

It is ending up being a good thing to be housebound because it is forcing me to focus on finishing up the pantry. 

It is a bit difficult to see right now and I am trying to limit my screen time so Cameron is editing this post for me and adding pictures. Hopefully I’ll be able to see a bit better by next week!

Oh and we put out a new video on Youtube this week. Check it out HERE

In the Kitchen:

  • Canned 10 quarts Cajun Cowpeas
  • Canned 16 pints black beans
  • Dehydrated 2 half gallons apples

In the garden:

  • Planted hairy vetch
  • The boys went out and weeded so the area for planting garlic would be ready for me when I could get out again to the garden. 

House Progress:

  • Waterproof underlayment went on the roof today!

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