The Weekly Digs #113

by Becky
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This week we moved out of our rental. It was two nights of less than 5 hours of sleep as I packed for twelve hours a day and I’m not exaggerating. Cam and I had friends and family come and help with loading boxes and furniture into the truck and we are so grateful for them! Moving is exhausting. 

By the end Wednesday, we had most of our belongings moved into the garages of the new house. But if you’ve moved before, you know that the last little bit of loose ends takes the longest! We pretty much collapsed into bed after midnight that night and then next night too  because we had to clean out the rental the day after moving. 

We settled into our new living area for the next few weeks, a tent in the barn. It’s quite primitive. We have one electric outlet that is hooked up at our house right now and we use it mainly for the fridge and freezer. 

We have a porta potty up here that was for the workers but we now use it too. And for showers, we are using our local fitness center and family and friends houses. I suddenly feel very grateful for so many modern conveniences. 

We actually do like camping though, so it’s not so bad. I think the only real inconvenience is that we didn’t plan well enough to have all the necessities we needed set aside for camping. It’s all hiding in our boxes which are stacked seven high and eleven wide. I can’t see the labels or access anything but the outer most boxes. 

Wild and Free!

It rained pretty consistently those first few days, and even the days prior to moving. This caused a couple problems but the main one was the grass grew so high it grounded out all our electric fencing for the animals. 

So one day after going to our fitness center to shower, I came home to a scene of loose cows and pigs all having a great time playing in the muddy driveway. 

Pigs are really hard to move and get where you want them to go. So instead of putting them back in their fencing we were able to get them under the overhang of the barn and corral them there. 

It was already almost dark so Cam said he’d fix the fence and move the pigs in the morning. Meanwhile we literally got to spend the night with the pigs in the barn. There is a partition so thankfully we weren’t exactly in the same room but definitely under the same roof. 

There is nothing quite like going to sleep or waking up to pigs snorts and grunts. 

In the Garden

During the rain, there wasn’t much I could do in the garden other than weed. But finally today (Saturday) we got some sun and I started to transplant my tomatoes. It feels like I’m late but last year all my best yields for tomatoes came with the ones I planted later in the season around the beginning of June.

Oh, and I forgot to mention I got all the plant starts moved up and under the caterpillar tunnel. It has been so nice to have for the plants that don’t do well with all the rain. 

House Progress

The electricians came this week and put up the lighting. It is so fun to see the final things coming together. On the day when our driveway was a muddy mess, we were surprised to see that the counter top truck made it to our house to install them too.

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