The Weekly Digs #118

by Becky

This week some of you may have seen our YouTube video about “When Garden Overwhelm Strikes”. It is a very real thing and how I have been feeling lately. It’s still really fun to be out there with the plants and nature but at the same time overwhelming because of how much needs to be done.

Take for example yesterday (Friday). I got out to my garden later in the day because I was working on cooking, cleaning, and unpacking boxes. When I got outside, I was leisurely walking about the garden and I decided to pick a garlic plant and see how the bulb looked.

It was ready! Very ready! I picked a couple more, then checked the weather to make sure I could pick the rest on Saturday. But after checking the weather, I realized it was going to rain Friday night. And not only that but all next week!

Garlic shouldn’t be picked when wet. As a result, I  suddenly felt like I needed to pick them all. All 500 of them. It was 9pm at this point but I set up a light and went to work anyway. Too much work went into them to put the job off till later. 

I had to grab a shovel and dig them out of our tough clay. It was slow going. About 11pm Cameron started to feel bad for me and came out to help. Once he was there it went quickly and we were finished by midnight. 

We then cleaned the garage, laid down pallets, and organized the garlic on top. We put a fan on them to add some air circulation. It was so late when we went to bed!

I was very glad to get the job done. But here is the kicker. I woke up the next morning, looked out the window and it was completely dry. We got a short rain burst and that was it! All that missed sleep and the weather prediction was wrong. Oy!

In the Garden

  • Harvesting carrots, celery, kale, strawberries, garlic.
  • Planted black garbanzo beans, provider beans
  • Indoor seed started: Brunswick cabbage, dill, basil, celery
  • Put down a bunch of chipped wood mulch
  • Weeding, weeding, weeding!
Carrot bouquet from Noelle
Peppers and Tomatoes
In place mulch working out great for squash and watermelon
Corn Growth


  • Dehydrated more diced celery and celery leaves
  • Froze shelled peas.
  • Took blaukraut out of the crock and put it into jars, then put in the refrigerator to stop the ferment. 

House Progress

It’s still not official yet. We failed our final home inspection for a second time! This happened at our big rough-in inspection too. I believe it’s pretty normal. 

Cameron is frustrated. He wants to be finished with the house already! Me too. But I understand it’s about the safety aspect too, I would like it to be done right.

The inspector mentioned a few things to Cameron that didn’t need to be completely finished, like our deck. That was a few months ago.  But when it came down to it, he really did want it done. I think there was a miscommunication and we could have the deck unfinished for temporary occupancy- not permanent. 

It’s a scramble to get that done now along with a few other things on our end. Several subcontractors have things to fix as well. 

Hopefully by next week it will be done. I’m just glad we’re not sleeping in the barn anymore!

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Keith Silva July 1, 2021 - 3:39 am

This might be a good open-pollinated, organic sweet corn to try:

I’ll probably try it next year. Like you, I’m trying to get away from hybrid varieties.

Take care

theseasonalhomestead July 3, 2021 - 10:46 pm

Thank you!


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