The Weekly Digs #195

by Becky

In the Garden

This week it rained and rained. After the ice melted and then the rain came all the ground was so saturated our pastures were super muddy. Aside from getting into the tunnel to weed and lay down some compost, we didn’t do much else in the garden.

Notable garden things:

  • Garlic is coming up and looking great!
  • No seeds from my soil block plantings I started last week have sprouted yet. I’m not surprised since it’s been cold and wet. The beauty of this outdoor method is that the seeds will sprout when the timing is right.

Homestead Happenings

We have been able to check off and work on a couple projects around the homestead this week. 

#1. Between Cam and the kids, they fixed all the chicken tractor wheels. The problem with the wheels was that the hub bearing popped out because the wheels have an offset hub. 

They took the wheel frame apart and then put an axle shaft collar tight against the bearing to prevent the bearing from popping out again. Then they assembled the wheel frame as it was previously. 

They roll as smooth as butter now. (FYI I had Cam dictate this all to me since I really had no idea what they were doing out there.)

#2 Cam started a woodworking project for the kitchen. It will all be documented for a future Youtube video coming out in March. Maybe I’ll keep it a surprise until then. It’s simple but going to be beautiful I hope! 

#3 The kids did a bunch of baking this week. I don’t buy the kids processed foods (crackers, cereal, granola bars, potato chips, fruit snacks, etc.) unless we have an event like a trip, which is rare. Our deal with the kids is that if they would like to eat those things, they can buy them with their own money (and they do sometimes!).

Might sound harsh, but honestly knowing what I now know, the food companies make all the junk food as addictive as possible. It is so bad for human health. Eating processed, pesticide, and herbicide laden industrial foods are the whole reason I woke up one day with excruciating stomach pain and acid reflux that took years to figure out and heal.

I didn’t want to ban the store bought treats all together because I was afraid at some point my kids would binge eat it when they left our house haha. But for the most part, because they get junk food sparingly they have appreciation that homemade and homegrown things taste better.

So when they get a craving for a sweet, they just make it at home. It’s been such a good way for them to learn to be proficient cooks! And I always feel like if you’re craving a treat, you’ll know if you really want it if you’re willing to put the work in to make it.

Garden Planning and Baby Gender

As far as what I’ve been up to, my pregnancy related nausea came back this week and it was pretty awful. I did manage to finish editing a YT video, if you haven’t seen it yet you can watch it HERE

I also spent some time wrapping up our garden plan and posted about it HERE

Thankfully, I’m feeling better now. I don’t know why all the sudden I was sick, but based on how I felt I don’t think it was a virus. No one else in the family was ill so that was the telltale sign that it was a pregnancy thing. 

I also promised to share the baby’s gender here first! 


It’s a BOY!

To be honest, I thought for sure it was a girl just based on how sick I was. I was very sick with Noelle too, but now I’m thinking the fact that I was sick with her and this one must just be related to the fact that I was older with both. 

Noelle was pretty bummed since she will still be the only girl in the family, but we keep reminding her that it means she doesn’t have to share as many things 🙂 It’s exciting either way! We had a couple ideas for girls names but nothing for a boy yet… They are tougher to decide on in my opinion.

Other good news is also that based on the ultrasound, the baby is healthy. I always have a ton of anxiety surrounding all that but it’s good to have some peace of mind now. 

Randomly this week, Cam went out and surprised me by buying a crib. I had told him which one I found that I liked and it was available locally so he just brought it home one day. All the sudden, between the ultrasound and the crib, everything felt more real. We still are about 3 full months away but the time is going by fast now.

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STAYHAPPY February 12, 2023 - 5:18 pm

Awe! So so happy for you all! I think Noelle might totally forget her sad feelings once little boy is in her arms and she’s holding his tiny hands!

Joanna February 12, 2023 - 8:24 pm

A boy!!! I’m so happy for you!! Maybe the next one will be a girl ❤️😂
I’m looking forward to seeing what Cam is going to make for you for the kitchen. I’m sure it will be beautiful, as everything he makes is perfect

Laurel February 13, 2023 - 1:59 am

Yay! Babies are just the best! I had a hard time thinking of a third girl name, good luck finding a fourth boy name! I bet the kids can’t wait to meet him.
I’m with you on the homemade foods. My rule is if I’m going to eat a sugar treat, it has to be homemade. My kids are also allowed to buy their own. They built a Taco Bell down the street from us and my 15 year old said, “I’ve never been to a Taco Bell.” I told her she wasn’t missing anything and made tacos at home that night. Too many people are trading convenience for health.

Nat February 18, 2023 - 5:07 am

Congratulations on your impending arrival.
My pregnancies definitely got harder each time especially as I developed gestational diabetes from my third pregnancy on which made me feel very ill. Tell Noelle she is not alone we had a boy first up and never managed to give him a brother. When we told him our last bubba was a girl he said “Not more barbies”😆

theseasonalhomestead February 19, 2023 - 3:27 am

Thanks! Yes, I’ll tell her she’s not the only one!!

Tasbro February 22, 2023 - 3:41 am

Congratulations! Boys names are hard to decide on! I had so many girls names with mine, and really struggled with the boys names – I ended up with 2 boys and a girl – funnily enough we didn’t name our girl any of the names I had thought of! we ended up using a grandmothers maiden name which suited well 🙂

theseasonalhomestead March 3, 2023 - 12:01 am

Awesome, can’t go wrong with family names 🙂


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