The Weekly Digs #144 (Year End Totals for 2021)

by Becky

Hope you all had a great holiday! I thought about posting last week but decided to be more present and spend time with family instead. This week I want to share our food totals for the year! Most food quantities are exact but some are estimates.

Looking back at the year totals, it was a great year! Lots of ups and downs as we went through the garden season but now looking at the numbers, I can see we were very blessed for our efforts.

I still use my chart of How Much to Plant for a Year’s Supply of Food to help me plan my garden for the year and how much we need to plant. I just updated it again for 2022.

The chart is very accurate for us, but everybody eats a little differently and lives in different locations so it may not be perfect for you. My intention was to help others have a good starting point and tweak to personal growing needs from there. If you want to print one out, you can find it HERE.

Below you’ll find screenshots of an Excel sheet that I filled out back in 2020 of quantities I thought I would need, then at the end of the year filled out the actual quantity we grew and put up.

I am using that same sheet again in 2021 but the amounts are updated for this year! So the yellow highlighted portion is what we put up. Totals for everything can be found at the end of each section.

Canned Food Totals

Total home canned food 2021 = 407 jars

Frozen Food Totals

Total Frozen Food, Vegetables and Fruit = 121 lbs

Total Frozen Pasture Raised Meats = 645 lbs

Cold Storage Totals

Butternut squash is individual count so I took an average of 3lbs per butternut squash to get the weight and 1lb per cabbage

Total food in Cold Storage = 704 lbs

Dehydrated Food Totals

Total Dehydrated Food = 73 quarts

In Garden Vegetables (over Winter)

Fermented Food Totals

Total Ferments = 14 Quarts

Overall Totals

1470 lbs food not including jars.

If you include jars for an average of two pounds of food a jar, it adds 988 lbs.

1470 + 988 = 2458 lbs of food for winter.

It is pretty awesome to see the fruits of our labor, literally and figuratively.

I’ll be back next week for the Weekly Digs with an update of what we’ve been doing! I’d like to say things are so slow I have nothing to report on. But as usual, we keep busy in winter with all the projects we put off in the spring, summer, and fall.

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