The Weekly Digs #216

by Becky

I started feeling sick last night and today I woke up feeling worse. Cruz had a bad cold earlier this week, and I caught it.

Since we are back in the baby phase, even when I’m sick I still have to get up and take care of Riggs. My big kids are pretty much independent. I really wish I could just curl up in bed and watch movies all day though 🙂 

Before I got sick, we were able to get quite a bit done this week. 

Cruz had a cross country meet, and we were in the area of another farm stand so we went to go get some grapes from there afterward. They sell them by the half bushel, so I got three. 

Cam said last year I was too stingy with the grape juice and I needed to make more. Haha! I didn’t want to buy too many and have them go bad before I got to them, so 3 is the start but I’m sure I’ll go and get some more.

We made some grape juice, and will keep working on making several quarts for canning a day. I LOVE my steam juicer. It makes a really time intensive job easier. 

In the Garden

There was cause for many hallelujahs because cooler weather came around. After almost all of August being between 95 and 105 as the daily high temperature, with humidity through the roof as well, temperatures between 80 and 90 almost felt chilly, haha. 

I’m kidding of course, but I did put on a jacket on one 55 degree morning. I love that we have different seasons here because once one is almost over I’m ready for a change! Bring on the cooler weather! 🙂

Throughout the month of August, I took my camera out with me everyday as I tended the garden (video about that coming next Tuesday or Wednesday to Youtube)! It’s been interesting to see, even for myself as I’ve been editing it, the evolution of my garden over a month. 

The kids weeded all the strawberries! Yay! See the piles next to them? That’s how many weeds were there!

We started to pull out determinate paste tomatoes today and I was pretty happy about that. I’ve always liked tomatoes, but after canning them for a month nonstop I was ok saying goodbye to the cooking kind. 

We will keep our cherry and slicing tomatoes around for a while longer.

Harvesting: tomatoes, basil, green and yellow beans, the last of the summer squash, lettuce, arugula, and a couple raspberries here and there. 

I started more seeds in soil blocks too: green magic broccoli, winter density lettuce, white russian kale, and kohlrabi. 


The other good news for the week is the new chicks shipped on Tuesday. On Thursday they arrived and ALL 55 were ALIVE! After such a bad turnout last week, I was so happy! I guess the cooler weather made all the difference!

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Joanna September 3, 2023 - 4:51 pm

Hi Becky 😁
I am wondering if you took my suggestion and steamed (or put) all of the juice into one big pot before canning. The reason for this is because the first few quarts will be super concentrated and the last few will be less. This way you have a more consistent flavor throughout.
I’m sorry you are not feeling well. I myself got COVID on the 20th of August am my gosh, I was Sooo sick. I’m still recovering 😫 The craziest part is that I NEVER leave my home except for doctors appointments. I went to the doctor on Friday the 18th of August and had COVID by the 20th!! Corpus Christi TX has the Corona levels rising quite a bit so from now on when I go out I am definitely wearing a mask!!
I can’t wait for your next video!! I enjoy your channel and YOU as a content creator more than anyone else!! That says a lot because I am subscribed to about 20 (or more) homesteading YouTube channels! I also love you on IG 😁👍❤️
Have a great week and get better soon. Drink some chicken soup ❤️
Love you, girl

theseasonalhomestead September 10, 2023 - 1:58 am

Hi Joanna! I had forgotten about that! The juicer collects the juice all in one area but sometimes if I put too many grapes in I do drain some out it advance. That totally makes sense though, I will do that if I stuff my juicer too full again! 🙂 I’m sorry you were sick! I’ve never had covid before, I’m sure it was much worse than my cold. But hopefully now that you’ve had it your won’t get it again.

I’ve been feeling a little discouraged about the content creation lately so I really appreciate your comment. It really makes my day and helps me stay motivated!

GardenLover September 3, 2023 - 4:56 pm

Becky! Praying you feel better in Jesus name ❤️ Summer colds aren’t fun!

Would you film some of the grape juice process, I’m curious about how you go about canning the juice, do you use the pressure canner?

We had fall weather at the end of August here in Canada, and then I was praying for a warm September and so far it’s hot!! Today is supposed to be one of our hottest days, they were saying it would feel like 110 which isn’t normal for us, but I’m sure it is for you guys! Hoping and praying for a long warm fall and a snowy white Christmas time!

So happy for your baby birds! Glad they are safe 💛

theseasonalhomestead September 10, 2023 - 1:49 am

Yes, I’ll film some! I use a waterbath canner for grape juice. The grape juice is acidic enough it doesn’t even need any extra acid. Wow that’s hot for Canada! I hope you get a long warm fall too.

Laurel M. September 6, 2023 - 4:36 am

Sorry you’re sick! Glad you got some grapes. I make grape molasses from last years’ juice if there are leftovers. It’s very nice and flavorful. That’s a good looking strawberry bed, kids!

theseasonalhomestead September 10, 2023 - 1:43 am

Yummy! I’ve never heard of grape molasses. Do you have a recipe?


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