The Weekly Digs #58

by Becky

I can’t believe it. Our dream just came true! We are now the owners of 52 beautiful acres! 

As a teenager, my family moved from a suburban neighborhood to a farmhouse in the country on an acre. Behind our house was acres and acres of hillside, some wooded and some pasture. I remember thinking so often that I wished we owned it.

I would sneak back there and walk around. One time I did an oil painting of the dirt road leading to that property.  I loved the beauty and the peacefulness of the land. I didn’t even garden back then but my heart was very attached to the countryside.

I knew someday I wanted a place like the acres behind our old farmhouse but it was always a dream and never a reality.

NY Farmhouse and the dirt road to the property behind it.

Yesterday, the dream became a reality!

Our land is literally one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever seen. But I am very partial of course! 

We are jumping right into getting our homestead established at our new land by planting! I’ve got 12 or so fruit and nut trees coming in the mail and 10 elderberry bushes. As soon as the soil is workable I’ll get them in the ground (they are bare root trees).

We will also be getting the vegetable garden in soon and we hope to start building a home on the property in June and will also list our current house for sale the same month.

It’s going to be insanely busy. But I’m going to do my best to keep things updated on here weekly. 

I’ve had a couple people tell me that they would love to see what we do on the farm from the beginning. Because some things are better conveyed visually, I plan to do one or two YouTube videos each month in addition to The Weekly Digs. There isn’t much on there yet but hopefully soon. I hope you follow along! Here is the link to our channel:

In the garden this week:

  • I directed seeded arugula and a mesclun mix.
  • Dropped off a soil test for the new farm at our cooperative extension office.

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