The Weekly Digs #59

by Becky
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We got right to work on our new farm by starting to put in an orchard. Fruit and nut trees take a long time to establish so I knew I wanted to get the trees in right away. Once our perc test for the last passed, before we even closed, I bought trees.

So far I’ve put in Liberty, Enterprise, Arkansas Black, Corland, and Pristine apple trees. I also put in a Whitney Crabapple. For pear trees, we have Bartlett and Moonglow so far. For peaches, I planted Belle of Georgia and Redhaven.

I totally thought we could have the trees all planted in just two days. I was overly optimistic. By day two we finished staking everything out and hadn’t even planted yet. I wanted all the trees in orderly rows and it took forever to get right.

The next day we got most of the apple trees and the peaches. And today was the craziest, most risky day because I decided to move over four year old apple trees from our place to the new farm.

You can transplant trees to new locations but usually it’s best when they are young. The second thing I had working against me was my apple trees had already started leaving out! Ahh! I was hoping they would have a late bloom this year but no such luck. The best time to transplant is late winter when the plants are completely dormant. 

My options were to leave the trees for good since we are selling our house or take them with us. I decided to risk moving them because I don’t think my heart could handle it if the new owners of our house ripped them out for whatever reason. 

We kept the roots moist with wet burlap, towels, and sheets as they took a trip on a flatbed trailer to the new farm. They looked a little sad by the time we got there but hopefully they will make it. Cameron kept saying over and over, “I think they are going to be fine!”.

He was definitely saying that for my benefit since I was totally freaking out thinking for sure they were going to die. I really hope they live. Time will tell!

Indoor seed starting:

  • Planted San Marzano II, Roma, Juliet, Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, and Great White Tomatoes

In the garden:

  • Direct seeded Sugar Snap Peas
  • Planted potatoes. Red Pontiac and Adirondack Blue

Also check out our first day ever on our farm below. Um well, some of it’s a little awkward since we aren’t used to being on video yet but I think you get the idea of where we are headed! 🙂 

YouTube video

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