The Weekly Digs #83

by Becky

The days are getting cold and I’m ready to put my feet up, cuddle up to a fire and read a book. But it’s not quite that time yet! I am in the final stretch of food preservation for this year. 

I set a goal to get the last of the food preserved by the first or second week of November. Then I’ll take pictures, do a pantry tour, and share all the numbers of how much food we preserved this year! 

Sunset view from behind the house. Where we used to live we never saw the sunset because of trees. The beauty of it never gets old!

In the Kitchen:

This week we have been preserving more of the apples. I made 9 pints of apple butter and 7 quarts of applesauce. I’m up to six half-gallons of dried apples. 

Still on my to-do list before mid-November is to make and can more chicken broth (we have lots of carcasses in the freezer), can a batch of black-eyed pea soup, make a batch of bbq sauce from tomatoes I froze this summer.

I’ll also be canning cranberry sauce, apple slices, kidney beans, and black beans. I’m still working on shelling beans to prepare for canning. 

And finally I’ll dry pear slices and some more apple slices. 

I like to do a few hours of preservation each day so it doesn’t get overwhelming.

In The Garden

  • Finished prepping and weeding a garden row and I planted some hairy vetch as a cover crop. 
  • Cameron was able to form two more vegetable garden rows for me today! Wahoo!
  • We moved the 25×100 silage tarp to outside the garden fence. We are covering the area to kill perennial grasses and weeds in preparation for expanding the garden.
  • We are harvesting kale, turnips, cabbages, carrots, mesclun mix, lettuce, and jalapenos (the leaves died after the frost last week and I finally got around to collecting the peppers)

House Progress

The electricians came this week and roughed in all the electrical. We are waiting on a roof still. They are going to install some waterproofing felt on the roof but can’t install it until everything is completely dry.

It’s been rainy and cold so we are at a stand still.

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