The Weekly Digs #198

by Becky

Spring is just around the corner but definitely still feels like winter here! I’m ready for sun and heat but almost everyday this past week was cold and rainy. I can’t wait until we turn the corner 🙂 

Homestead Projects

While it poured rain outside, we did tackle a few indoor projects, like the kitchen build that Cam is working on (sharing this coming Friday on Youtube), and organizing my new garden shelves that Cam built me in the garage. I’ll share pictures next week!

I spent a little too long working the day I organized the garage because I came inside and almost every part of my body hurt. Then I started getting some Braxton Hicks contractions that felt like they were coming regularly, almost like real ones. Luckily, I remembered what my doctor had told me about sometimes contractions coming on from dehydration.

So I drank a bunch of water and laid down. About an hour later, the contractions suddenly stopped. Whew! Cam said to quit working so hard so the baby doesn’t come too early. Honestly, it was a little scary! I’m 26 weeks along now.

Unfortunately, slowing down is easier said than done, since my mental wellbeing is closely tied to my ability to get outside and accomplish tasks. I did take it easy today though, and filmed some of the kitchen project that Cam is doing the work on.

Another side project started by Cam is he is closing in the storage area he built for split wood outside. He picked up some rough wood bark ends for a great deal from a local saw mill. They will do the job, look pretty cool, and it’s nice they were so cheap. He got one side on, and will do two more in the next few weeks.

In the Garden

Aside from all the building and organizing, I planted a whole bunch of seeds earlier this week and will list them below.

  • Tomatoes- Sunrise Bumblebee, Eva Purple Ball, Cherokee Purple, Black Cherry, Peacevine Cherry, and Bing Cherry
  • Cabbage- Golden Acre, Tiara (this variety was gifted to me by my friends over at High Mowing Seeds)
  • Lettuce- Albachiara (Gifted as well)
  • Sweet Alyssum 


  • Cilantro
  • Lettuce
Weeding in the tunnel.

Last week we got some weeding in the garden done but this week was too wet! It’s frustrating because I can see the little weeds sprouting and yet the soil is too saturated to bring a hoe through. 

We get some weeding in the caterpillar tunnel done because it’s protected from the rain. We have three dry days coming up and hopefully by the last day it will be dry enough to get caught up a bit on weeds.

Soil Block Tower

In my pantry, I started to go through and clean up a bit. We had some soft garlic and onions, along with some rotten apples that got donated to the chickens. The garlic and onions go to the compost pile since the chickens won’t touch it! 🙂 

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Nat March 13, 2023 - 7:34 am

Hey Becky, Glad your contractions stopped – you should definitely slow down though. I’ve had two premmies. I went into labour at 31 weeks with one and there are lifelong repercussions from them coming so early which will effect your whole family life. I wouldn’t wish on any Mum what I went through. Also your baby may have to stay in hospital for weeks while you are discharged, this is really horrible. Taking it slow for a few months now may challenge you but it is far better than a life time of regrets. Look after yourself and your precious baby xxx

Michael March 18, 2023 - 8:59 pm

Hi Becky! I love your videos and take on things. Your really pushing me to have a better garden this year, and to not be scared of cooking with it all. This will be my 3rd year gardening, and it usually is a tomato garden with some herbs. We love making sauces with the tomatoes but this year I want everything else!

I had a question on your seed starting process. You touched on it a little in your recent video. I bought the square mold you use but what about watering? You use a cloth and let it absorbed the water. Do you keep the tray constantly filled with water or only so often? I’m afraid I’ll be too late for any seed starting here in SLC 7a as I leave for 2 weeks and return Friday before Easter. I’m expecting to have to hit the nursery, but if keeping things watered is as simple as making sure the cloth is in the water, and tray filled, I may hire out the neighbors kid!

theseasonalhomestead March 19, 2023 - 3:30 am

Awesome! I’m excited for you. The water tray under the soil blocks is constantly filled with water. I try not to let it dry out at all.

As a comparison, usually without wicking fabric I would need to water daily, the soil blocks dry out so fast. With it, I can fill the tray once every 2-3 days and the soil blocks are consistently moist. By day two, the water tray is nearly empty but the soil blocks are still moist. A larger tray would make it so I would need to fill even less, but I’ve never tried a larger size.


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