The Weekly Digs #27

by Becky
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Christmas came twice this week. Once was the first watermelon of the season! The kids ran after me when they saw the watermelon in my hands and the excitement in the air was palpable. I was surrounded until I made the first cut into the melon and man was it a beauty. I’ve never picked one so perfectly ripe. The kids patiently waited as I photographed the watermelon and it was gone in a flash when I gave them the green light. See below haha!

The second Christmas was for me. My other blog post this week is on cold tolerant crops. After researching all of the amazing cold tolerant varieties that are available, I had to buy some. Oh how I love seeds and the anticipation of the wonderful plants they will become.

By the way, Cameron was reading this blog post over my shoulder and was making fun of what I just wrote about the seeds. Well, he just doesn’t understand but I’m pretty sure that those reading this can relate. At least I hope you can!

And you know, I have no shame about my obsession with seeds and plants. It is what it is!

In the garden:

  • Transplanted Brunswick Cabbage and Chinese Pink Celery

  • Direct seeded dill, Chinese cabbage, gold rush beans, Calima green beans, St. Valery carrots.

  • Harvesting tomatoes, squash, peppers (all types), corn, watermelon, arugula

In the kitchen:

  • made one and a half gallons of fermented dill pickles

  • 4 pints dried peppers

  • Strung up my onions for storage

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