The Weekly Digs #48 (2020 Goals)

by Becky

I have so many mixed feelings about this upcoming year. We are hoping to sell our current home and move to a new homestead, then eventually start a farm.

I’m such a planner that I have had trouble figuring out how we are going to make that transition. Even though we’ve moved before, this time we aren’t just moving homes we are moving homesteads.

Kale January 2020

We are so fully invested in having our garden and food storage to feed us each year I’m not sure when to make the break from our current homestead to a new one.

Logically, winter would be the best since the garden is quiet and the food is put up for the year. But after keeping an eye on the housing market for over a year it’s become very clear that we are going to have to try and sell our home and buy another home in the spring/summer/fall time frame.

I’ve thought about not doing as intensive as a garden this summer, meaning I wouldn’t do quite as much succession planting and really keep all the growing to the basic vegetable and fruit necessities.

Doing a minimum amount in garden would allow us to keep our house in tiptop shape for selling. But every time I think about doing less in the garden, the thought depresses me.

The garden is so important to my mental health, having a gap where we aren’t gardening would not be good. After thinking about it a lot, I’ve just decided to act like it’s any other year with gardening. I can’t wrap my mind around anything else.

I’m setting goals this year knowing fully that I don’t have complete control over the outcome of goal #1 and #2  like I usually do. But I do really, really hope that they will happen.

Here are my goals for 2020:

  1. Move to a new Homestead/Farm
  2. Sell our current home
  3. Save more of my own seed
  4. Gain more knowledge about herbs and herbal remedies

We also always have a goal to grow and eat as much of our own food as possible. But that has become so ingrained in me as a habit now. I’m also not writing it down specifics as far as goals on how much to put up for the year because I’m not even sure what’s going to pan out with the garden with the possibility of moving in mind.

2019 Ferments

I like setting goals because it pushes me to do hard things that I may not do otherwise. You want to know what one of my goals was last year?

It was to start this blog, The Seasonal Homestead, and to write two blog posts a week! I’m excited to say that I completed my goal, except for two holiday weeks where I wrote just The Weekly Digs.

It’s was a hard goal to keep but a fulfilling one. I hope to keep up the trend with two blog posts a week but plan on giving myself a little grace this year if we are in the middle of transitioning between homesteads.

I’m excited for a new year of changes and growth!

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