The Weekly Digs #71

by Becky
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We are getting ready to list our house for sale this weekend and it has made life way more busy than we like it. Cam and I are running off very little sleep but we did have some cool stuff happen in the garden this past week.

The best thing was what happened today. After 5 weeks of no rain, it down-poured! We had been praying for rain, especially for this week since we have been so busy and it takes 3-4 hours out of our day to go and water at our new garden.  I was starting to feel a bit desperate for a little reprieve from all the watering.

It is very unusual for us to go so long without rain in our area. Last year I only had to water my garden two times the entire growing season. So to go five weeks of dry weather was such a change.

Seeing the rain brought happy tears to my eyes! I am SO thankful!

As I was pondering why for so long our prayers for rain didn’t happen, I realized the long lack of rain made for very little weeds in our Farm Garden which gave us time to put down mulch before the weeds took over. Everything has worked out for the best in the end!

In our home garden:

  • We are harvesting potatoes. I still have to go and harvest the rest but I think I will wait until the soil dries out a bit again.
  • I harvested all the garlic- both hard and soft neck varieties. I had pulled a few a week ago to test the waters. They weren’t as big as last year so I waited another week. They look bigger but not by much. I got them in the ground a little late this year and I think it had an effect on size.
  • We picked our first tomatillos.
  • We also are getting TONS of green and yellow beans. Well not literally tons but it is a nice change from last year when a fungal disease ruined the entire crop. I really like the varieties I grew- Provider and Goldilocks. Very productive and VERY disease resistant. I will grow them again for sure!
  • Harvesting kale and cabbage. The cabbage was so tiny this year. I planted a variety that makes a small head but it was a little extreme this year, haha! Some were looking like the heat was about to make them bolt so I just went ahead and harvested them all.
  • The first few onion necks fell over on the New York Early variety. I pulled them out and put them on a screen to cure.
  • Still harvesting blueberries and black berries too.

In the Farm garden:

  • Planted Ozark Razorback cowpeas. I saved the seed last year and they were a favorite of mine. Very resilient for my area.
  • Corn is still there. YESSSS! I’m pretty pumped the nets are working against the birds. I think we will take them off in the next week or so.
  • Sowed some buckwheat cover crop. It had spotty germination. I think due to the lack of water. I’m still debating on trying again because I need to save my water for the cash crops. 

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