The Weekly Digs #73

by Becky

Have you ever sold your house in the middle of the harvest season? It is so much harder than I thought it would be! We are just at the beginning of peak harvest season. If this year follows last season’s trend, in one or two weeks I will bring in enough tomatoes and peppers to fill all my kitchen counters and dining table. 

We’ve had a lot of showings on our house which is great. But it really is true what they say about the best fertilizer being the gardener’s shadow. My garden is getting neglected because so much of my time is spent cleaning and having to leave my home all day. 

It’s also been really hard on my mental well being since I thrive on consistency, planning, and checking projects off my list. Cameron and I were talking yesterday about how we could get the house to sell faster. Our realtor was like, “It’s only been 7 days, it will happen!” Cameron and I looked at each other and were like, it feels so much longer than that. Hasn’t it been 3 months? 

But UPDATE our realtor was right. I was writing this blog post and didn’t even have enough time at my home to upload the pictures I had taken for the week so it has been a few days since writing the above sentiments. We dropped the price on our house and got four offers! So our house is under contract now. Fingers crossed that this works out!

We went up to our land to work on the garden there a few times. It has mainly consisted of pounding in T-Posts so we can trellis all the tomatoes. I am stringing them up using the Florida Weave method.

For the most part the tomatoes look good. We have a few that have fruit with blossom end rot. I’m not really surprised about this since our watering up there has been so inconsistent. Blossom end rot is also said to be very common in the San Marzano Tomatoes which are the ones affected. I just pick off the fruits and throw them out of the garden so the plant can put its energy in the fruit that actually looks good. 

Another pest we are dealing with is armyworms on the corn stalks. I’m hoping by the time the corn comes they will be gone. Now that we have the nets off the corn maybe the birds will be helpful and come and eat them.

Butternut squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, and pumpkins look amazing. They never got full sun in my old garden and are thriving with it at the farm garden.

In the home garden:

  • We are harvesting tomatoes, peppers, onions, more potatoes, herbs, kale, and summer squash.
  • Some of my onions have downy mildew. This happens to my plants almost every year right before it’s time to harvest. Usually I just harvest them a little early so it doesn’t affect the bulbs. But I was looking in an amish harvest book I have and they suggested mixing up a solution of baking soda and water to keep it under control. I sprayed it on the plants a few days ago and will see if it helps!

At the farm garden:

  • We are harvesting paste and heirloom tomatoes. I have peppers that are beautiful and green but I am hoping to save seeds from them so I’m leaving them on the plant longer.

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