The Weekly Digs #74

by Becky

Back when my kids were very little I always reserved canning for after they went to bed. Even though I was always tired, I needed the clarity of mind to focus on the canning. Now that the kids are getting older, I’ve started doing canning during the day when they are awake. 

It is a little more chaotic and I have many more interruptions. But now that I am more confident in my canning ability the daytime preservation has worked out well. It is usually productive and uneventful. That is, until this week.

I had harvested 15lbs of tomatoes from our home garden and decided to make a batch of salsa to can. As  I was preparing the salsa, the kids asked me if they could make dinner to help out. I was all for it! They are very good helpers when they want to be and are getting quite skilled in the kitchen.

While they were making dinner, the kids were needing my assistance for a portion of their recipe. I was helping them when I smelled something burning. At first I thought it was something that had fallen on the bottom of the oven. But after closer inspection, I realized it was my salsa!

I had put it on the burner, turned it on and completely forgot I turned it on! I hurriedly poured out the salsa into another pot, being careful not to disturb the seared bottom too much. I had lost some to the burning at the bottom but hoped the rest would still taste ok.

The salsa had a good flavor at first but it was quickly followed by a strong burnt aftertaste. It just so happened that I had made a salsa batch that was 5x larger as the original recipe! Oh what poor luck! I was so disappointed because I had already spent  3 hours roasting and peeling  tomatoes, onions, garlic and peppers for it. 

The kids were so sweet and tried my salsa and said, “I would still eat it!. Don’t throw it away Mom!” I definitely considered tossing the whole batch but at the kids’ insistence, I decided to keep it and can it anyway. 

Before it went into the canner, I had Cameron try it and he said, “call it Fire-Roasted Salsa”. I thought the name was quite perfect so now I have 11 pints of “Fire Roasted” Salsa in my pantry.

In the kitchen:

  • Canned 16 pints of Salsa
  • Canned 28 quarts of peaches in syrup
  • Dehydrated one quart jar sliced tomatoes
  • Froze green beans

In the home garden:

  • Harvesting tomatoes, squash, basil, peppers, cucumbers

In the farm garden:

  • Harvesting tomatoes and peppers

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